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Vending Machine Rentals has joined forces with Equipfund to provide you with affordable and versatile vending systems.

Obtain any type of Vending Machine without outlaying your Capital.

You can update your Vending Machine, so you can keep pace with the latest innovations.

When the rental period is over you can avoid the cost and pain of disposal of obsolete equipment by simply giving it back.

As the Vending machine is a rental, it stays off the balance sheet and improves your asset ratios.
You can claim the full repayment amount as a tax deduction.

Vending machines for all types of Products

A63 - Small Versatile Vendor
A64 - Medium Variety Vendor
A65 - Large Versatile Vendor
Crane - Media Combo

Rent a Vending machine for your Business or Workplace?

Versatile Products

You can set your tailor-made machine up to include a wide variety of different products for different purposes!
What do you want to sell?

Why Choose
Vending Machine Rentals

- Rental payments are 100% tax deductible.
- You can budget effectively and calculate your break even point

- All new vending machines are equipped with the most up-to-date payment technology including tap n go and mobile phone payment facilities.

- Each machine will accept coins, $5, $10 and $20 notes (including the new ones), as well as MasterCard and Visa (credit and debit cards).

- We offer quality vending machines that look great in any environment.

- Our machines are extremely energy efficient and are equipped with the latest refrigeration technology.

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